Indonesian Council of Ulama Fatwa on Corpse Management in Emergency Situations

This fatwa states that corpses are to be bathed, shrouded, prayed over, and buried in accordance with Islamic law. In emergency situations (such as the Aceh tsunami, earthquakes, and other natural disasters), however, corpses may simply be washed down prior to burial. Any clothing attached to a body, or a bodybag, may be used as a shroud, even if it is unclean. Corpses may be prayed over after burial even if from a great distance.

The fatwā also states that victims' corpses are to be buried immediately, may be buried en masse, and need not be buried facing Mecca. A mass burial may be carried out in such a way that male and female, and Muslim and non-Muslim corpses, are buried together. A corpse may also be buried immediately at the site of its location.

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