Resolution 100/2/10 on Human Cloning Issued by the Islamic Fiqh Academy

Resolution 100/2/10 on Human Cloning (“Resolution”) cites primarily to the Qur’an, only once cites to hadith, and otherwise relies heavily upon uncited scientific definitions and experiments. The Resolution begins with a two-page preamble, providing an overview of Qur’anic excerpts that describe the purity of God’s creation of man and proscribe manipulations and interventions in God’s creation. The Resolution then defines ‘cloning’ as either cloning by division or nuclear transfer—both of which depend upon an intervention in the divine process of creation. Finally, the Resolution concludes that “[i]t is prohibited to clone human being[s], such as in the above-mentioned two cases or by any other method that results in the multiplication of human specie[s].”

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