Jamia Ulama-i-Hind Response to Karnataka High Court Order Restricting the Wearing of Headscarves in Colleges in the State (Mar. 15, 2022)

In this Media Release, Jamia Ulama-i-Hind quotes their President Maulana Mahmoud Asa’d Madani to call the Karnataka High Court order that restricts the wearing of headscarves, or ḥijāb, in colleges in the state a deep disappointment and that the “verdict would have a direct impact on religious freedom” and negative implications for the education of Muslim women who can no longer wear their headscarves in classrooms. He emphasized that the decisions regarding religious matters should be based on the opinions of authoritative figures within the tradition and that the Courts should not intervene. He urges state governments to protect the traditions of communities and appealed to the youth to avoid protests and “taking the law into their own hands.”

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