Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria 1999-2006 :: A Sourcebook, Volume IV: The Sharia Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes

Islamic criminal law had been abrogated in Nigeria’s Northern Region as part of the Settlement of 1960 (see Vol. I). A principal aim of sharīʿa implementation was to reinstate it in the sharīʿa states. This was done through the enactment in most sharīʿa states of Sharia Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes. Vol. IV documents these codes and their sources. Included are (i) complete texts of the “Harmonized” Sharia Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes prepared by the Centre for Islamic Legal Studies at Ahmadu Bello University for consideration by the states, showing section-by-section variations among the codes actually adopted; (ii) tables showing the relationships between the new Sharia Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes and the old Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes of 1960 on which they were largely based; (iii) related laws enacted in some states; and (iv) scholarly essays on both sets of codes. Vol. IV also includes two reports on Islamic criminal procedure by Sokoto State committees; and the Supplementary Materials to Vol. IV include reports by Borno and Kaduna State committees. 

These materials are a part of The Nigeria Papers – a SHARIAsource Special Collection, compiled and edited by Independent Scholar Philip Ostien and others. 

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