Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria 1999-2006 :: A Sourcebook, Volume V: Two Famous Cases

Early zeal for application of the reinstated Islamic criminal law resulted in two zināʾ cases which attracted worldwide attention in 2001-2003: the cases of Safiyatu Hussaini and Amina Lawal, litigated in the Sharia Courts of Sokoto and Katsina States, respectively. Vol. V makes available English translations of the records of proceedings and the judgments of all the courts in which these two cases were litigated. Also included is various collateral information, including an annotated bibliography of Islamic authorities cited, brief biographies of the judges, and an essay by one of the lawyers involved in the defense of both cases.

These materials are a part of The Nigeria Papers – a SHARIAsource Special Collection, compiled and edited by Independent Scholar Philip Ostien and others. 

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